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Revolution Awards Judging – Entry Tips

Posted in Digital, Innovation, Musings by musingsofabadger on March 2, 2009

I was recently lucky enough to be invited as a judge for the 2009 Revolution Awards.  Now first and foremost I’ll respect the confidentiality required from the day but I did learn a few things that I’ve decided to jot down as a reminder for myself as much as something to share:

  1. Keep award entries short and visually appealing.  The agencies that had taken the time and effort to let a creative near their entry (or at least taken sometime over the presentation of their documents/web links) were all commended by my judging panel.  To give context, I had to read over 60 entries for a range of categories with each being at least 2 pages long, some many more. Those that were concise and we’ll presented stood out more than those that had been rushed and padded out.
  2. Read the entry requirements!  The number of entrants that hadn’t followed the submission guidelines was a surprise to me and those that hadn’t were marked down accordingly.
  3. Don’t underestimate your chances.  Whilst the ‘big’ agencies work was often well regarded, all on my panel wanted to give equal consideration to those with smaller brands / budget entries, so even if your not playing with the most well regarded clients, if you feel the work is strong enough then make sure you enter.
  4. Be accurate with your results and don’t try to fudge or confuse figures to make them more appealing.  Stick with industry acknowledged stats – Conversion rates, click through rates, ROI etc.  Talking about the number of dog years an ad was live/viewed for is going to frowned upon (this wasn’t an entry but hopefully illustrates a point!)
  5. Innovation featured strongly as a criteria, especially if it delivered.  Keep on pushing those boundaries and your more likely to get a gong.

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