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10 easy steps to successful online campaigns

Posted in Advertising, Digital, Media by musingsofabadger on March 18, 2009

I was pawing my way through some old work and came across this little doc I co-authored with Craig Morgan.  Its a year or so old but the principles still apply.  All sounds pretty obvious but I’m amazed how often I hear about agencies taking short cuts then wondering at the end why things went wrong!

10 easy steps to successful online campaigns
First best practice guide published by IPA and ISBA

IPA Digital, in association with ISBA’s Online Action Group, has compiled a best practice guide ‘10 Easy Steps to Best Practice in Online Campaign Development,’ to help clients and agencies work better to promote the development of successful, on-brief, online campaigns.

The 10 points outlined in the guide address the key areas where both agencies and clients feel the current process, from brief to execution, falls down.

These points cover:

1. Briefing and strategy: all agencies briefed together and strategy agreed upfront
2. Budgets: discuss budget accurately, and allow for contingencies
3. Roles and responsibilities: a single point of approval works best
4. Timings and project planning: plan early
5. Design and development: stretch yourselves
6. Tracking and measurement: measure only what matters
7. Trafficking and campaign launch: plan for quality assurance testing
8. Produce back-up inventory: saves white space embarrassment – and money
9. Optimisation, reporting, updates: monitor and nurture your campaign in-flight
10.Learning from analysis of results: test and refine

To download a copy of the guide, please click here

Said Michael Smith, Chair of the ISBA Online Action Group and Deputy Director of Digital Media, COI Communications, “The best practice guidelines are hugely helpful for all parties to ensure that advertisers and agencies get the most out of online campaign development. At a time when increasing investment is being put into digital a common understanding of the best practice is vitally important.”

Said Craig Morgan, co-author of the guidelines, member of IPA Digital and Head of Client Services, Tribal DDB, “Hopefully a read of the guide will ensure you have covered most key elements of a campaign and will give you enough information to ask the right questions.”



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