Musings of a Badger

Media and Creative – a magical chemistry

Posted in Advertising, Clients, Digital, Media, Musings by musingsofabadger on August 2, 2009

So, I wont be the first or the last to say this, but I’m a strong believer that these two disciplines work best when they work together.   Having operated on both sides of the fence I’ve seen what can be achieved when you put a creative brain with a media mind.  Admittedly most creatives would rather poke out their own eyes than read spreadsheets on ROI/CPA/CTR etc but if the information is simplified to its basics I defy any creative to not question ‘why?’ when they hear that Ad 1 has out performed Ad 2 on the same placement.  Now to refer back to Mr Seth Godin’s talk on shipping, many creative’s ship then move on.  But what about optimisation, a/b tests and simple variations that can help improve conversion?  Designers complain as they feel it can remove the purity of the idea (I know this feeling – I’ve done my fair share of online ads) but when I see that small changes to copy and imagery can make big differences to conversions then my eyes one up.  CPA dropping from £400 to £80 anyone? I’ve seen it happen.  I never lose sight of the fact that your only as good as your last campaign, so if your ads don’t help sell your clients product to the required level then that next creative job may not materialise.  The no.s online are so large that what seems like a tiny change to achieve a tiny percentage uplift can be the difference between achieving ROI or clients saying bye bye.

For inspiration – I never tire of the oft cited Economists ads.  Now thats working together…


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