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The futures bright, the futures Facebook

Posted in Digital, Social media by musingsofabadger on December 11, 2009

Just rediscovered these stats I put together in September listing popular apps by category on Facebook.  To demonstrate the speed with which FB is growing I just checked out Farmville’s new monthly totals – now up to a whooping 72 million active users!   Lots of people in one place = lots of opportunities to communicate.  For all you stato’s, you can check out more  @

As an aside, I’d expected sport to be a much more popular sector. Room for some World Cup and Olympic 2012 ideas me thinks.

Category Name Monthly Active Users
Games Farmville 44,444,580 Zynga
Education Causes 29,903,226 Causes
Friends & Family We’re related 20,080,671
Entertainment Movies 18,190,846 Flixster
Utilities Birthday Cards 14,968,321 RockYou!
Just for Fun Death’s Time 10,692,625 3happybytes
Lifestyle Zoosk 6,566,731 Zoosk
Business Marketplace 2,833,797 Oodle, Inc.
Sports Fantasy Football 884,229 Citizen Sport

Source AppData 17/09/09


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