Musings of a Badger

IKEA Facebook app – shame

Posted in Digital, Mobile, Social media, Video by musingsofabadger on December 13, 2009

Theres been a lot of buzz around IKEA’s recent Facebook campaign with plenty of people giving it a thumbs up and citing it as a good example of how to run a successful campaign using social media.  So, when I first read that IKEA had launch an iPhone app I was thinking it should be pretty cool.  Sadly, I was mistaken, its basically the catalogue scanned in and published as an app – all 35mb of it.  So, its got:

  • No interactivity/features
  • Massive download
  • Nothing useful like a store locator tool
  • Can’t bookmark favourite items
  • Doesn’t allow sharing

Missed opportunity if I ever saw one.


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