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Twitter – helping to make a difference (again)

Posted in Digital, Social media by musingsofabadger on November 8, 2010

Its been interesting to watch this thread by Jordan Rapp  (a US pro-triathlete) gather momentum over the past couple of days.  In summary a chap in the US was the victim of a hit and run accident where he was badly hurt by a driver who knocked him of his bike then drove away.  The driver was a well paid money man and the case was being mishandled as a result (money buys favours/power as we all know).

Jordan Rapp was seriously injured in similar circumstances last year so has strong feelings on the subject. As a result he started this twitter thread imploring his ‘followers’ to help raise the profile of the case and its apparent mishandling.  The feed is here:!/rappstar and grabs are below.

Good to see its making a difference with US TV news and even the UK Daily Mail picking it up in less that 48hrs.  Respect for pro actively making a difference!

The start of the post:

It grows in momentum:

The results start to show:


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