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Viral brand campaign review 2010

Posted in Advertising, Branding, Digital, Social media by musingsofabadger on March 8, 2011

A few months old but an insightful snapshot nonetheless. Facebook unsurprisingly becoming a more dominant feature in the success of campaigns…

Taken from Rubber Republic:


Nike Better World – Better Made

Posted in Branding, Digital, Innovation by musingsofabadger on January 5, 2011

Nike have recently released a new site: Nike Better World which communicates its efforts to be environmentally and socially considerate.  Built by Weiden+Kennedy, its a good example of what is arguably the future of web design aka HTML5.   A wonderfully simple execution which acts as a compelling gateway into the world of Nike.  I like.

Most Contagious 2010

Posted in Branding, Digital, Innovation by musingsofabadger on December 17, 2010

Big brands and social media

Posted in Branding, Digital, Social media by musingsofabadger on October 27, 2010

Article covering how Starbucks, Coke, Oreo, Skittles and Redbull are all making an impact in the social media space:

Andy Hobsbawm – Green thing

Posted in Advertising, Branding, Digital by musingsofabadger on September 25, 2010

Many moons ago I worked at and Andy was in charge.  I was fortunate enough to meet up again this week as he gave Leo Burnett a fantastic talk on the current state of  brands in the digital space.  I’ve not got that video to share just yet but thought I’d add this little clip from TED talk as a reference.  Very inspiring speaker.

Augmented Reality Billboard in Times Square

Posted in Advertising, Augmented Reality, Branding, Innovation by musingsofabadger on July 1, 2010

Nice example of an engaging digital screen in Times Square:  read more about it here:

Old Spice – not so old and actually quite good

Posted in Advertising, Branding, Video by musingsofabadger on April 2, 2010

I’m old enough to remember the original old spice ads – sea and surfing affairs for the weirdly sweet scented talcs and aftershaves.  Pretty average stuff. Well, over in the US they’ve reinvented the brand some what and I have to say, even though the product doesn’t sit high on my ‘must have lists’ its certainly back in the ‘must try’ and the ads are even better

Chicken tastes like dirt

Posted in Advertising, Branding by musingsofabadger on June 15, 2009

Finger licking bit of publicity…