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Posted in Clients, Digital, Innovation, Musings by musingsofabadger on November 15, 2009

I was chatting to a friend the other day and we started discussing the frequency/trend of agencies producing digital campaigns led by technological innovation rather than a strong core idea.  Now I like innovation and I like digital so I can see why creatives are often keen to get the latest gadget, app etc into their new campaign, but at the same time, we need to remember who the audience is and what the client needs from the brief.  I’ve stated elsewhere in this blog that innovation is important online but I’d add that its pointless if the audience doesnt want it!  Facebook apps are great but not if your targeting my Mum (I wont explore her specific profile here but suffice to say she’s not running about with an iPhone publishing her latest tweets).  If the innovation is USEFUL and is in a form that the larger part of the target audience is engaged with then we should go ahead and push forward, but if its just cool to use in our digital bubble and we’ve just got awards entries in mind then I’d suggest a sense check and re-read of the brief is in order.


Vodafone – Touch the phone game

Posted in Clients, Digital, Mobile by musingsofabadger on November 12, 2009

Fancy a cool new android phone or a £5000 prize?  Play this game we’ve built for Vodafone – based on the US touch the truck idea, you’ve got to stay on the phone as long as you can to win.  Its that easy!  Check it out here:

UNICEF – Time to Promise

Posted in Clients, Digital by musingsofabadger on October 23, 2009

time to promise

A shameless plug for a recent campaign that I managed for UNICEF:

The “Time to Promise” campaign uses the metaphor of time to highlight the global issues facing children on a day to day basis. To help promote the microsite, adverts that automatically adapt depending on what time the ad is viewed have been placed on websites including Thetrainline and Facebook.  Supporters are encouraged to share messages about donations via integrated Facebook and Twitter tools on the microsite.  Take a look and if your feeling generous, please donate.

Media and Creative – a magical chemistry

Posted in Advertising, Clients, Digital, Media, Musings by musingsofabadger on August 2, 2009

So, I wont be the first or the last to say this, but I’m a strong believer that these two disciplines work best when they work together.   Having operated on both sides of the fence I’ve seen what can be achieved when you put a creative brain with a media mind.  Admittedly most creatives would rather poke out their own eyes than read spreadsheets on ROI/CPA/CTR etc but if the information is simplified to its basics I defy any creative to not question ‘why?’ when they hear that Ad 1 has out performed Ad 2 on the same placement.  Now to refer back to Mr Seth Godin’s talk on shipping, many creative’s ship then move on.  But what about optimisation, a/b tests and simple variations that can help improve conversion?  Designers complain as they feel it can remove the purity of the idea (I know this feeling – I’ve done my fair share of online ads) but when I see that small changes to copy and imagery can make big differences to conversions then my eyes one up.  CPA dropping from £400 to £80 anyone? I’ve seen it happen.  I never lose sight of the fact that your only as good as your last campaign, so if your ads don’t help sell your clients product to the required level then that next creative job may not materialise.  The no.s online are so large that what seems like a tiny change to achieve a tiny percentage uplift can be the difference between achieving ROI or clients saying bye bye.

For inspiration – I never tire of the oft cited Economists ads.  Now thats working together…

UNICEF – Ideas to Give campaign

Posted in Advertising, Clients, Digital, Media by musingsofabadger on October 12, 2008

Check out the new campaign we’ve created for UNICEF.  You can share moneysaving tips, with the aim of transforming the savings into charitable donations. Users can vote on their favourite ideas – with the winning ideas then being used in a secondary advertising campaign.

American Express – video shoot

Posted in Advertising, Clients, Digital, Video by musingsofabadger on July 28, 2008

We shot the video in a day but boy was it a long day!  Great time had by all with client and for what it matters, myself happy with the result!

American Express – Heathrow T5 Digital Screens

Posted in Advertising, Clients, Digital, Video by musingsofabadger on June 30, 2008

Promo video for Amex showing our takeover of the digital screens at T5.  Nice airport, shame about all the delayed baggage!

Harrods Design Icons – Mobile QR codes

Posted in Advertising, Clients, Digital, Innovation, Mobile by musingsofabadger on April 16, 2008

We’ve just launched this campaign for Harrods using a range of QR codes alongside traditional media to drive traffic to the Harrods Design Icons Exhibitions. Nice little Myspace hack as well thanks to our coding genius.