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Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  Amusing clip for athletic types:


Grandma’s Superhero Therapy

Posted in Art by musingsofabadger on November 22, 2010

‘A few years ago, French photographer Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika feeling lonely and depressed. To cheer her up, he suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs in unusual costumes, poses, and locations. Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn’t stop smiling.’

See more here:

impressive bike trickery

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So I ride bikes – I don’t ride them like this though. Which is a real shame as it would make me quite cool and likely highly paid by a caffeine based drink manufacturer to fuck around all day. Bit like this chap:

Pretty impressive (Rad, sick etc if your down with the kids)

Mobile Trends Presentation – Mary Meeker

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Very interesting reading…

View this document on Scribd

Experiments with cats

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Classic digital silliness

A life told through Facebook

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Nice example of a Facebook user journey

Twitter – helping to make a difference (again)

Posted in Digital, Social media by musingsofabadger on November 8, 2010

Its been interesting to watch this thread by Jordan Rapp  (a US pro-triathlete) gather momentum over the past couple of days.  In summary a chap in the US was the victim of a hit and run accident where he was badly hurt by a driver who knocked him of his bike then drove away.  The driver was a well paid money man and the case was being mishandled as a result (money buys favours/power as we all know).

Jordan Rapp was seriously injured in similar circumstances last year so has strong feelings on the subject. As a result he started this twitter thread imploring his ‘followers’ to help raise the profile of the case and its apparent mishandling.  The feed is here:!/rappstar and grabs are below.

Good to see its making a difference with US TV news and even the UK Daily Mail picking it up in less that 48hrs.  Respect for pro actively making a difference!

The start of the post:

It grows in momentum:

The results start to show:

Glimpse at the Future of Foursquare

Posted in Innovation, Mobile, Social media by musingsofabadger on November 4, 2010

Foursquare CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley spoke on how the location-based service plans to dominate “what happens after the checkin” at Wednesday’s ad:tech conference

Big brands and social media

Posted in Branding, Digital, Social media by musingsofabadger on October 27, 2010

Article covering how Starbucks, Coke, Oreo, Skittles and Redbull are all making an impact in the social media space:

** One third of iPad users shun apps

Posted in Digital, Mobile by musingsofabadger on October 23, 2010

A study of the habits of gadget users reveals wide differences in what they do with their devices.